For 19" mechanics we have our own cross-connection cabinet NAF19, panels, unattached impact protection, fiber guide, horizontal splice tray rack and combination cabinet.

Empty panels

There are several versions available for different purposes and sites. All the versions are available for both SC and LC connectors.

  • Panel without an impact protection


The depth of the panel is 145mm. The height of the panel for 1-48 SC and 1-96 LC is 1U. There is an own version for 96 SC / 192 LC panel, which height is 2U. There is more information on that later.

The identification codes for the empty panels without impact protection:

  • Panel with impact protection

There are two types of impact protectors. One is with foam pull-relief, where there are slots for patch cords.

The identification codes for the empty panels with foam pull-relief:




The other panel with impact protection is without the foam pull-relief. The ends of the impact protector can be bended if necessary, to help guide patch cords. 

The identification codes for the empty panels without foam pull-relief:

Both impact protectors are 95mm in depth, so the overall depth with the panel is 240mm.

The impact protectors can be lowered, which creates room underneath the panel for patch cords. When lowered the overall height is 1 ½ U.

  • 96 SC/192 LC panel

In our 19” panel range there is also a panel with the height of 2U. It fits 96 SC connectors or 192 LC connectors. The depth of the panel is little more than in the regular panel, 187mm. The frame of the panel is made from two parts. The upper part is attached with 4 screws. This makes installing easier. By detaching the upper part, you can install the lower part, and when that is done then move on to the upper part. There are holes in the back of the frame and at the bottom of the upper part. These holes help guide the fibers in the right way.

The identification codes for the empty panels: 



Preinstalled panels

Big part of our production is made of preinstalled 19” panels. The connectors can be either SC, LC or FC, both UPC and APC are available.

  • Preinstalled panels with pigtails

The panels can be preinstalled with just pigtails, so the splicing is made inside the panel.


The pigtails inside the panel are 1.5m in length, so there should be plenty to work with. The splice holders are included.

The identification codes for the panels with pigtails can be seen in the table underneath. There are different identification codes for panels with and without (ilman ts.) impact protector. The impact protector for these preinstalled panels with pigtails is the one with foam pull-relief, unless customer wants the one without it.


  • Preinstalled panels with optical cable

The panels can be preinstalled with cables, in which the number of fibers range from 1 to 192. The length of the cable can be specified by the customer. We have identification codes for the most common lengths.






Most common cable we use to make preinstalled panels is thin black indoor-/outdoor cable (HBBX aka FZOMSU-SD mini). But we also use orange indoor-/outdoor cables and hybrid cables (SM+MM) continuously. 






The above image shows a preinstalled product consisting of 192-fiber single mode cable (FZOMSU-SD) and two 96-fiber SC panels (2U) with SC/APC connectors.

Today, FZMSU cable, which belongs to the CPR class Cca, is also increasingly used to make preinstalled tail cables and prefabricated cables.

HBBX preinstalled cables have their own identification codes for stock lengths. But other cable products can be delivered swiftly as well.





Splitter panels

Our range of panels includes 19” panels specially designed for splitters. 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16 (see picture below), 1:32 (see picture below with 2 inputs) and 1:64 splitters with SC-APC and LC-APC connectors are held in stock. The panels and splitters with 2 inputs are also part of the range we hold in stock. The height of the panel is 1U and is usually delivered without the impact protector. If wanted the impact protector will be attached.


Installing several splitters with few connectors is possible inside the same panel, but we also have several custom-made panels for these purposes. 

The identification codes for splitter panels: 



Above in the picture, there are three 1:32 splitters with LC/APC-connectors inside 1U panel (7269305).

Terminal modules (päätemoduuli) are fitted into a frame (päätekehikko 1U 19” (Splitter)). Two modules can be installed side by side. The height of the frame is 1U and the frame fits directly into a 19” rack.


As an accessory we have unattached impact protector, fiber guide, horizontal splice tray rack and the common splice trays that also fit in to the rack.

Unattached impact protector can be easily installed in front of a panel or equipment. It uses the same screws that hold the panel on the rack. The screws only need to be loosened a bit to place the protector in place. The identification code is 7262197.



Fiber guide consists of two parts, two separate foam pull-relief parts and separate impact protector tray. It uses the same screws that hold the panel on the rack. The screws only need to be loosened a bit to place the pull-relief in place.  The tray can be removed when needed while the pull-relief parts remain in place. The identification code is 7268465.   



Horizontal splice tray holder for 19" rack and 96-fiber splice tray

If you need to make extensions in a 19" cross-connection cabinet, then now Naficon also has its own panel for this purpose. It is easy to bring the splice trays to this rack, because the opening on the side is large enough to fit them through it. The rack holds 6pcs of 48-fiber splice trays or 4pcs of 96-fiber splice trays. The height of the stand is 2U. The identification code of the product is 7263319. 



Splice tray 96

There is now a splice tray for 96 fibers. The basic structure is the same as in 48-fiber, but the height is a little more. Each groove of the splice holder can hold 4 splice protector sleeves.

The identification code of the product is 7269282.


NAF19 cross-connection cabinet

NAF19 is 900mm wide and 300mm in depth, and it’s designed for cross-connections in 19” mechanics. The cabinet is available in two heights, 2000mm and 2200mm. The cabinet is designed with good patch cord management in mind. The structure of the cabinet is simple, no moving parts.

The capacity of 2000mm cabinet is 40Us and the 2200mm cabinets is 44Us. This means 1920 and 2112 SC connectors, respectively. Using LC connectors doubles the number of possible connectors available. Rear- and sidewalls are detachable. The cabinet is also available without doors.

NAF19 Ristikytkentäkaappi

A stand for splice trays is also available in case splices are wanted in the same cabinet. The stand can hold 32 splice trays with the capacity of 48 splices. The stand takes 5Us of height. If the splicing takes place in this cabinet, there are brackets for attachment and grounding on the left.


Combo cabinet

The cabinet is 1000mm wide and the basic model is 600mm deep. On request also an 800mm deep cabinet is available. The cabinet is available in two heights, 2000mm and 2200mm.

In this cabinet there are three fixed stands for splice trays on the left. Each stand can hold 10 trays with the capacity of 48 splices. That means 1440 splices altogether. On the right side of the cabinet there are patch cord management system installed.



Inside this cabinet can be active devices, cross-connection panels, splices, and cable management system all in one place. You do not need another splice cabinet when you are using this cabinet. So, the cost and space are reduced.

The cabinet can be purchased with or without the doors or walls.

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