NAF1000 splice cabinets

NAF1000 splice cabinets are for indoor purposes with a large capacity.


The NAF1000 product group includes cross-connection cabinets, splice cabinets and preinstalled modules. Naficon's NAF1000 cabinets are blue in color. Order the products or contact us and ask for more information!

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Splice cabinets

The versions of the splice cabinets are as follows: stand-alone cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets. The cabinets include fixed stands for splice trays, except in the 400mm wide cabinet where the frame for stands can be turned. The cabinets are extremely easy to use.


The stand-alone cabinets can be found in three different sizes, 600x300x2000mm, 600x300x2200mm and 400x300x2000mm (WxDxH).

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The product codes for splice cabinets and accessories can be found in the next table. The splice capacity of each cabinet is marked in the product name. Clicking the product code numbers will take you to the product page on the Finnish STK service and clicking the product name will open a picture of the product.

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