19” cross-connection and combo cabinets, wall mounted open racks.

For installing 19" panels, we have cross-connection cabinets, combo cabinets and wall mounted open racks. 

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NAF19 cross-connection cabinets

NAF19 is 900mm wide and 300mm in depth, and it’s designed for cross-connections in 19” mechanics. The cabinet is available in two heights, 2000mm and 2200mm. The cabinet is designed with good patch cord management in mind. The structure of the cabinet is simple, no moving parts.

The capacity of 2000mm cabinet is 40Us and the 2200mm cabinets is 44Us. This means 1920 and 2112 SC connectors, respectively. Using LC connectors doubles the number of possible connectors available. Rear- and sidewalls are detachable. The cabinet is also available without doors.

A stand for splice trays is also available in case splices are wanted in the same cabinet. The stand can hold 32 splice trays with the capacity of 48 splices. The stand takes 5Us of height. If the splicing takes place in this cabinet, there are brackets for attachment and grounding on the left.

The adjacent table shows the product codes of the different versions and the product codes for accessories. Clicking the product code numbers will take you to the product page on the Finnish STK service and clicking the product name will open a picture of the product.

Installation of patch cords to NAF19 XC-cabinet For more information

Combo cabinet

The cabinet is 1000mm wide and the basic model is 600mm deep. On request also an 800mm deep cabinet is available. The cabinet is available in two heights, 2000mm and 2200mm.



In this cabinet there are three fixed stands for splice trays on the left. Each stand can hold 10 trays with the capacity of 48 splices. That means 1440 splices altogether. On the right side of the cabinet there are patch cord management system installed.






Inside this cabinet can be active devices, cross-connection panels, splices, and cable management system all in one place. You do not need another splice cabinet when you are using this cabinet. So, the cost and space are reduced.

The cabinet can be purchased with or without the doors or walls.

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Wall mounted open racks

Wall mounted open rack 6/300
• Product code 7269299
• The height is 6Us and the depth 300 mm.
• Intended for 19" panels
• wall mounting


Wall mounted open rack 12/300
• Product code 7263404
• The height is 12Us and the depth 300 mm.
• Intended for 19" panels
• wall mounting


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