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turned 30 years old

Microtube clip for C-rail

Plastic holder for microtubes. The yellow clip is for 7mm microtubes, the brown one is for 12mm microtubes and the purple is for 14mm microtubes. The clips are installed on the C-rail of the splice cabinet. The clips attach securely to the C-rail and to each other. They are also easy to add afterwards.

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A handheld fiber blower that works with a drill machine. Perfect for occasional installers or experienced installers who need to blow a short distance to complete a job.

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Splitter cases with hook brackets and with connectors

Splitter case that can be attached to the splice tray holder with hook backets. A PLC splitter is installed inside the case. The connectors are LC/APC connectors. Also 12LCA/MPO version is available.

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Naficon is the distributor of Fremcos fiber blowing machines in Finland.

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Naficon Liitin Oy will be at the electricity fair in Jyväskylä on February 7-9, 2024

You can find us at B104. See you there!

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New NAF FTTH 24 metal joint closure, with one round and one oval cable entry

A small joint closure made of acid-proof steel. One round and one oval cable entry. An easy way to assemble and branch FTTH cables.

Dimensions 340 x 137 x 73 mm.

NAF telecom box, termination box that is installed in electrical cabinets of homes

Aluminum termination box for apartments electrical cabinets with enough space for splicing. The case has space for two SC-duplex / LC-quadruplex adapters. The dimensions are 115 x 120 x 18 mm

Outdoor termination box with lock,  available also in different colours

A white plastic outdoor terminal box that can be quickly installed outside, in the office, at home or in a technical space. It is light and compact, but still contains enough space for fibers.

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Splice cabinet NAF Compact Splice cabinet for small outdoor distribution cabinets

NAF Compact is suitable for extending and branching different optical cables even in small outdoor cabinets.

Dimensions 500 x 250 x 170 mm (HxWxD)

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New NAF FTTH 12 metal joint closures have now arrived in stock!

Durable and small metal joint closures with mechanical cable glands. Inputs/outputs for three cables or microducts. Suitable for extending and branching FTTH cables.

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Get to know our product groups

19" mechanics

19" mechanics

We have our own panels, cabinets and accessories for 19" mechanics. The panels are available empty and preinstalled. There are cabinets for cross-connection and a combo cabinet where you can bring active devices and cross-connection panels. In addition, there are accessories for clean and functional installations.



The NAF1000 product group includes cross-connection cabinets, splice cabinets and preinstalled modules. Naficon's cabinets are blue in color.

FTTH and termination boxes

The ever-growing need for communication sets harder and harder requirements for telecommunication services. The most reliable way to ensure that there is enough bandwidth and stability in the network for end-users, is to use optical fibers. Naficon provides excellent solutions for building such a network.