19” data cabinets and racks

The 19" equipment and data cabinets have mounting brackets for 19" mechanical products. Thanks to the strong shelves, products of other sizes can also be placed in to the racks.

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NAF data cabinets and racks

In addition to our own cross-connection and combination cabinets manufactured in Finland, Naficon has started the production of racks and data cabinets in Finland.

NAF equipment racks are intended for indoor installations and are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The material is 1.5 mm thick. 19" mounting brackets are located both in front and behind the cabinet. Shelves, removable walls, doors and roof are also available for the cabinets. The load capacity of the shelf is over 190 kg. The table below contains the product codes of the parts. There are two different sizes of racks: 600x600x1600 mm and 600x600x2000 mm.

Product codeProduct
1600 mm rack
7263466Rack 600x600x1600
7263468Shelf and support
7263469Door for 600x600x1600 rack
7263470Wall for 600x600x1600 rack
7263477Roof for 600x600 racks
2000 mm rack
7263467Rack 600x600x2000
7263468Shelf and support
7263471Door for 600x600x2000 rack
7263472Wall for 600x600x2000 rack
7263477Roof for 600x600 racks
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