Plastic indoor termination boxes

The plastic indoor termination boxes are small. They are white in colour to blend in as well as possible. Regardless of the small size, preassembled cables can be installed in the enclosures or splicing can be done in the enclosures. There are several models so that everyone's needs can be considered.

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Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

Termination boxes for premises

In our selection you can find both metallic and plastic termination boxes to be installed inside the premises. The boxes are available empty, with pigtails preinstalled or with a white indoor-/outdoor cable (FTMSU) preinstalled. The length of the cable can be customized to needs, but the lengths in stock are 5, 15 and 30m.

NAF SPK kuiturasia

  • Identification code 7264899
  • Plastic indoor termination box for 2 to 4 fibers
  • External dimensions 115 x 85 x 20mm (HxWxD)
  • Colour is white
  • Alternatives for adapters: SC duplex / LC quadruplex.
  • Also available with SC simplex or LC duplex opening 7263443
  • Inlet for cables are located on both sides and in the front
  • There is a turning see-through cover protecting adapters and patch cords
  • NAF SPK kuiturasia with four LC/APC pigtails 7268303


NAF SPK kuituboksi

  • Identification code 7263182
  • External dimensions 105 x 82 x 24mm (HxWxD)
  • Inlet for cables from above or below
  • Plastic indoor termination box for 2 (SC) to 4 (LC) fibers.
  • There is a possibility to install 2 SC-simplex or LC-duplex adapters.


NAF SPK pohjalevy

  • Identification code 7269284
  • 7264899 ja 7263182 compatible mounting plate.
  • The box is fixed from the bottom to the mounting plate during installation, after which the wall mounting can be done from the outside. Reduces installation accidents on fibers.
  • Height 6,8 mm
  • After the fibers are installed into the box, either spliced or
    preinstalled, there is no need to open the cover when
    attaching the box to the wall.

NAF SPK kuiturasia leveä

  • Identification code 7268301
  • Plastic indoor termination box
  • External dimensions 80 x 120 x 20mm (HxWxD)
  • Colour is white
  • There is a possibility to install 1 or 2 SC-simplex or LC-duplex adapters, 1 or 2 SC-duplex or LC-quadruplex adapters
  • Inlets for cables are located on both
    sides and in the front.

All the boxes above are available as ready-made packages with pigtails or cables. The attached tables show the identification codes for preinstalled plastic boxes.

Identification codeProduct
7268336NAF SPK SC+SCA/- FTMSU 2SMT 30m


  • Identification code 7263174
  • Plastic indoor termination box with 6 SC-APC connectors
    preinstalled. The connectors are ready-assebled to a 30m indoor-outdoor cable.
  • Mounting options both inside and outside the box.
  • The box is available on its own or otherwise pre-installed.

NAF huoneistokotelo

  • Identification code 7263474
  • A plastic fiber box that can be used as a termination box or to extend cables.
  • There are 4 adapter slots in the case.
  • For indoor use
  • External dimensions 150 x 105 x 32mm, HxWxD
  • Colour of the box is white.
  • Suitability: for SC, FC, ST and LC duplex adapters
  • Cable entries at the top and bottom. Cable max. Ø 12mm
  • The splice holder that comes with the case has places for six splice protectors. Extension capacity can be increased by using, for example, splice holder for 24 fibers (7263233)
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