Preassembled 19" panels with pigtails

The pigtails are preinstalled in the panels to the adapters. The cable to be spliced is brought in from the back of the panel and the splicing is done inside the panel. The equipment includes splice holders, either for 12 or 24 splices, depending on the number of fibers inside the panel.

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Preinstalled panels

Big part of our production is made of preinstalled 19” panels. The connectors can be either SC, LC or FC, both UPC and APC are available.


Preassembled panels with pigtails

The panels can be preinstalled with just pigtails, so the splicing is made inside the panel.


The pigtails inside the panel are 1.5m in length, so there should be plenty to work with. The splice holders are included.


The identification codes for the panels with pigtails can be seen in the table underneath. There are different identification codes for panels with and without (ilman ts.) impact protector. The impact protector for these preinstalled panels with pigtails is the one with foam pull-relief, unless customer wants the one without it. We also manufacture panels with pigtails that differ from the products in the table in accordance with the customers' wishes. Clicking the product code numbers will take you to the product page on the Finnish STK service and clicking the product name will open a picture of the product.

Preassebled 19" panels with pigtails
Product codeProduct name Product codeProduct name
SC/UPC with impact protection SC/APC with impact protection
7269493Paneeli 19 SC/- 6SMT 1.5m 7264442Paneeli 19 SCA/- 6SMT 1.5m
7264120Paneeli 19 SC/- 12SMT 1.5m 7264443Paneeli 19 SCA/- 12SMT 1.5m
7264121Paneeli 19 SC/- 24SMT 1.5m 7264444Paneeli 19 SCA/- 24SMT 1.5m
7264318Paneeli 19 SC/- 48SMT 1.5m 7264445Paneeli 19 SCA/- 48SMT 1.5m
SC/UPC without impact protection
 SC/APC without impact protection
7264178Paneeli 19 SC/- 6SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268343Paneeli 19 SCA/- 12SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7264695Paneeli 19 SC/- 12SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268344Paneeli 19 SCA/- 24SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7268333Paneeli 19 SC/- 24SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7264446Paneeli 19 SCA/- 48SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7264122Paneeli 19 SC/- 48SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268345Paneeli 19 SCA/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7264898Paneeli 19 SC/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts.   
LC/UPC with impact protection LC/APC with impact protection
7264180Paneeli 19 LC/- 12SMT 1.5m 7264696Paneeli 19 LCA/- 12SMT 1.5m
7264179Paneeli 19 LC/- 24SMT 1.5m 7264697Paneeli 19 LCA/- 24SMT 1.5m
7264181Paneeli 19 LC/- 48SMT 1.5m 7264698Paneeli 19 LCA/- 48SMT 1.5m
7264560Paneeli 19 LC/- 96SMT 1.5m 7264699Paneeli 19 LCA/- 96SMT 1.5m
7263507Paneeli 19 LC/- 96SMT 1.5m 200mm 7263509Paneeli 19 LCA/- 96SMT 1.5m 200mm
LC/UPC without impact protection
 LC/APC without impact protection
7268346Paneeli 19 LC/- 12SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268350Paneeli 19 LCA/- 12SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7268347Paneeli 19 LC/- 24SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268351Paneeli 19 LCA/- 24SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7268348Paneeli 19 LC/- 48SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268352Paneeli 19 LCA/- 48SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7268349Paneeli 19 LC/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 7268353Paneeli 19 LCA/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts.
7263506Paneeli 19 LC/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 200mm 7263508

Paneeli 19 LCA/- 96SMT 1.5m ilman ts. 200mm

7263215Paneeli 19 LC/- 192SMT 1.5m  7263203Paneeli 19 LCA/- 48SMT 3.5m putki 


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