FTTA (Fiber to The Antenna)

We can provide preinstalled trunk cables and jumper cables for radios. RF cables have also arrived in our range.

Trunk cables



Trunk cables are available with 12 or 24 SM and OM3 fibers. One end is preinstalled into a casing. There are two cable glands on the side of the casing, with 6x6mm openings. This means that 12 jumper cables can be connected to it. The external dimensions of the casing are 255x180x92mm, and it is IP68 rated.

The other end is inside a protective tube for installation. The fibers of both ends are colour-coded and numbered, so the corresponding pair is easy to find.

There is a 19” panel with adapters for the other end included with SM products. The panel needs to be separately ordered for OM3 products.

There are identification codes available for the most common lengths of 12 and 24 fiber SM products and 12 fiber OM3 products.


Jumper cables


Jumpers are available with NSN flex rubbers. The rubber can be on both ends or on one end. The peeled portion of the cable is protected with armoring. We have SM jumpers of different length in stock. We do not hold OM3 jumpers in store at the moment.

The identification codes, product names and lengths can be seen in the table below.


Armored jumper cables


We provide jumper cables with armoring. They have regular LC connectors, but the length of the peeling is different, and the fibers are armored.

The identification codes can be seen below.

IP67 rated connectors

Jumper cables with LC/UPC connectors at both ends. One or both ends have IP67 rating for connectors. The IP67 connectors are compatible with FullAXS connectors.


IP-RC connector

In addition, our range includes an IP-RC connector (7268200), which is a retrofit IP67 connector. It's compatible with Ericsson's antennas, for example.



RF jumper cables

That is, coaxial cables from remote radio head (RRH) to the antenna. The connectors currently available are 4.3-10M, 7/16M, NM, 4.3-10MA, 7/16MA, NMA and 7/16F. The cable is flexible 1/2" cable. The cable is black and has a CPR rating of B2ca d1, s1, -
















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