YJT and ODF 3x8 / 4x6


YJT is frame with the same pitch as it is with LSA bar

The casing that fits into this frame is called “liitinlevy” or LL. These casings are available empty, with pigtails or with cables. The connectors can be either SC or LC, both UPC and APC.

The smallest casing can hold 1-12 SC or 1-24 LC connectors, taking three pitches of space. The largest casing can hold 48 SC or 96 LC connectors taking 12 pitches of space.




The cable used in LL-products is either thin black (HBBX aka FZOMSU-SD mini) or slightly thicker orange (FZOMSU-SD or FZMSU) indoor-/outdoor cable.

There is a pull-relief beside every 12 SC / 24 LC connectors on the right side of the casing. Underneath every adapter there is a place for notations.

The length of the pigtails in LL-casings are 3.5m and the pigtails are inside a protective tube in a matter that each tube contains six pigtails in six different colours. The length of the tube is 2m.

In these products we have certain lengths in stock as well. The identification codes for these products can be found in a table at the end of the page. Other lengths are also available with flexible schedule.

Splitters can be preinstalled into LL-casings as well. With SC connectors 1:32 splitter is the largest one that fits and with LC connectors it is 1:64. All the splitters do not have identification codes, for more information please contact us! In the table below, you can find the ones that have their own identification codes.


ODF 3x8 ja 4x6

We manufacture preinstalled casings for TT-192 (3x8) and TT-120 (4x6) frames. The casings can be preinstalled with pigtails, cables, or splitters. The maximum number of connectors in the casing is 24 with SC connectors and 48 with LC connectors.

LC connectors can only be installed into TT-192 frame with its own front frame (ODF 3x16). That is due to lack of space in 3x8 casings for LC connectors trigger to work properly.


The same cables are used in ODF 3x8 and 4x6 casings as it is with LL-casings.

The identification codes and product names for LL YJT and ODF 3x8 / 4x6 can be found in the tables below. 







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